2. International and 15. National Congress on Agricultural Structures and Irrigation-ICASI 2021

20 Mayıs - 23 Mayıs 2021

Diyarbakır, Türkiye
Dear Colleagues,

As you know, we had planned 2nd International and 15th National Congress on Agricultural Structures and Irrigation” (ICASI-2020) which will be held in Dicle University, Diyarbakir City of Turkey, 29 September -2 October 2020.

Unfortunately, a pandemic global health crisis with coronavirus COVID-19 has occurred all over the world. For this, we had to postpone the congress.

The new congress date will be 20-23 May 2021 under the same conditions in Diyarbakir City of Turkey.

Diyarbakır is one of the largest cities in Southeastern Region of Turkey and it is situated on the banks of the River Tigris. It is located in an area whose magnificent history, spanning some 5,000 years. Diyarbakır is famed for its culture, folklore, and watermelons. Different civilizations of 33 have lived in this city and City Walls and Hevsel Gardens are the most important cultural heritages. In addition, Diyarbakır is one of the most important centers in which placed in Southeastern Anatolia Region Project (GAP). Because the GAP is a regional and multidisciplinary development project including big irrigation schemes.

The main purpose of the congress is to bring together all the stakeholders involved in irrigation and agricultural structures of multi-disciplines and all scales, including universities, academic researchers, research institutions, the policy makers, experts, governmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector and farmers. It provides a platform for national and international agricultural water management and agricultural structures and interested development professionals to find solutions to problems on the irrigated agriculture, in time of depleting freshwater resources as a result of global warming and climate change. In addition, exchange of latest irrigation and drainage policies, practices, innovations and technologies will be very important.

In the previous years, we have accomplished 2 different “international workshop on irrigation and fertigation” in 2012 and 2017 with participating 17 and 22 different countries, respectively.

The topics of the congress include agricultural irrigation water charging/accounting, agricultural and farm structures, agriculture and climate change, animal sanctuaries, land levelling, crop evapotranspiration, drainage engineering, drought, electronics, information systems and automation in irrigation, fertigation, greenhouse technologies, hydrology, innovation and research on irrigation, integrated water management, irrigation and environment, irrigation engineering, irrigation management, land consolidation, policies on water and irrigation management, remote sensing and GIS applications in agriculture and water management, salinity in irrigation, soil, plant and water relations, solar energy use in irrigation, use of wastewater in irrigation, water harvesting, water quality, watershed management.

The official presentation language of the proceedings is English or Turkish. However, the slides of the presentation should be in English. All the full text proceedings could be in English or in Turkish with English abstract. All submitted proceedings will be evaluated by at least two reviewers in terms of scientific content and quality. All abstracts of the articles and full texts will be published in the Congress Proceedings e-book.

Anybody could participate/attend to the congress and workshop with a presentation or without presentation.

Some facilities will be provided for students. All details and other information regarding to the congress are in the website (http://icasi2021.org) of the congress.

We feel honored to host you in Diyarbakır, Turkey.

Öner ÇETİN, Ph. D.

Head of Congress Organizing Committee

On Behalf of Organizing Committee

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